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Corporate Member Benefit - Training Seminars

SIAA is glad to bring to you a new benefit that will help in raising your companies’ profile in large corporations with presence in Singapore.

These opportunities will be in the form of regular Training Seminars that SIAA will be holding with these large corporations to update their staff in technology trends and industries’ best practices.

Beside industrial automation and M2M technologies, other topics such as:

      Signaling systems for transportation systems (Trains, cars,buses)

      Scheduling systems

      Energy Conservation

      Construction and Monitoring of Bridges, rails and roadways

      Risk Management

can be considered for these Training  Seminars

Please note that these Trainer/Marketing Seminars are not for product promotion.

Administration of Benefit

This benefit is available to all current Corporate Members only.

Each Corporate Member is entitled to one (1) Training Seminar timeslot (of 1-2hrs) a year

For each member, an Admin Fee of S$500 is applicable for the 2nd and subsequent Training Seminar timeslot granted for that year.

Selection of Topics and Member for any Training Seminar is solely at the discretion of the Corporation.

Call for Participation

Interested members are to submit a brief write-out of proposed topic, using the following template0:-

a)      Title of Presentation

b)      Brief summary of Presentation

c)       Key learning points (for participants)

d)      Email address of contact person


to email: secretariat @siaa.org

(Note: The is no closing date for this ‘Call for Participation’ until further notice)