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SIAA 31st Annual General Meeting



SIAA president Mr Oliver Tian giving the president's address in SIAA AGM 2013.



AGM 2013 was conducted successfully on 5th July 2013.

SIAA president presented SIAA’s roadmap 2013 to members. 
Please click here for the roadmap presentation deck.


We call upon SIAA members to support the roadmap with programs and initiatives. 
Please email secretariat@siaa.org for more information.


We thank A-Star/I2R for allowing SIAA to conduct the yearly AGM in their premises. 
Thank you to all members for taking valuable time off to attend AGM 2013. 
We convene appreciation to Mr Raj and Dr Tan G.H for their insightful
presentations (highlighting valuable industry insights) during AGM 2013.