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M2M Interest Group


SIAA has evolved and has expanded its scope to cover the aspects Information Automation while taking care of the industrial automation needs of the members.


As macro-economy is living its changes, what we can do collectively and how we can help our members become further key drivers for the Association. Although many of these changes fall under the broad scope of Automation, their business drivers and eco-system are diverse and therefore their needs are best served through special interest groups.


Member Interest Group’s charter is to “evangelizing and provide thought leadership”, to support SIAA’s vision and mission. These groups evangelize members on the technologies and markets landscape

changes due to global business dynamics. They endeavour to act as bridges in initiating and implementing activities that are relevant to SIAA, its members and players in the business eco-systems.


Formation of the M2M Interest Group


As companies face increasing competitive pressures through gloablized markets, business decisions and processes that rely solely on historical data are no longer enough. They have to be augmented by real-time information to improve their effectiveness and productitvity.


To help companies to transition into this new business landscape, SIAAa has formed the M2M Interest Group, lead by Mr Ramesh Venkatraman who is a SIAA Council Member and Director of HCL Singapore.



Members at the 1st M2M Interest Group Meeting on 8 Feb 2013

(Left to right) Shan Shan (Hutcabb Consulting), Jamie Ng  (I2R), Pak Kay (I2R), Dr G.H. Tan (I2R), Ramesh (Chairman, M2M Interest Group), Choo Chun Keong (SysEng Pte Ltd), Rajkumar Rajagobalan (HCL) and Hemanand Munuswamy (HCL)



The objectives of this M2M Interest Group are:


  1. Strengthen our contribution to SIAA and members of the association on automation resource - the Voice of Information Automation(broadly IOT – Internet Of things)
  2. Broaden the membership of SIAA to ensure proper representation of all automation professionals across all of industries
  3. Expand SIAA international reach and influence
  4. Expand and enhance the partnerships of SIAA with industries, government, and academic groups
  5. Communicate the contributions and value of automation professionals for the future of business and industry
  6. Leverage the core competencies of the member organizations


As per the members’ needs and also association’s needs, we will be also creating domain specific interest groups that will take care of domain specific business needs.