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Tribute Message from SIAA to Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Mr Lee Kuan Yew had been a visionary leader, who led Singapore through five decades of sustained success. He pushed for an export-orientated industrialization strategy and crafted policies to welcome investments from Multi-National Corporations (MNCs); these had transformed the Singapore economy and contributed significantly to the progress of the manufacturing sector of our nation. Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA) was  born and grew under that opportunity created by Mr Lee.


The diplomatic policies and ties established by Mr Lee set the stage for Singapore and planted us on an international standing. Singapore is recognized globally as a strong economy & trading partner. The strong Singapore brand has made it easier for our companies to venture abroad and be welcomed by the local partners there.


Mr Lee believed in giving the people of Singapore the best possible opportunity in education to fulfil their dreams with no limitations. He upheld the conviction of meritocracy. This uplifted the workforce of Singapore to a high competency level and benefited the employers and businesses.  He constantly set a good example and instilled in the people of Singapore not be complacent and to be ready for crisis. This motivated local companies to strive for excellence continuously.


SIAA is grateful to our great Founding Father of Singapore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, for leading the country and setting a conducive business landscape in Singapore to allow companies to excel and grow to their full potential.


With utmost gratitude, on the behalf of the automation industry, SIAA salutes Mr Lee Kuan Yew.


From the President and the Executive Council of Singapore Industrial Automation Association




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