Track & Trace and quality solutions

Date : 10 Dec 2020
Event : Webinar: Track & Trace and quality solutions
Organiser : ifm electronic Pte Ltd
Country : Worldwide
Topic : Reducing Costs and Increasing Uptime
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Reducing Costs and Increasing Uptime

Do you really know where your products are, or are you still looking for them? Keep track of your products and ensure accurate processes by recording and referencing all manufacturing process steps in your facility. Does that sound interesting? The question remains how to implement track and trace. The answer is: with the help of Optical or Radio Frequency Identification Systems. We offer a live seminar on this topic for interested parties.

Who is the event aimed at?

Our Webinar addresses to people from the fields of production, plant construction and everybody who wants to increase effectiveness and quality. Interested parties from other areas are also very welcome. Previous knowledge of track and trace is not required.