Penang Manufacturing Expo (PMAX) 2020

Date : 28-30 Jul 2020
Time : 10.00 am - 6.00 pm
Venue : Setia SPICE Arena
Country : Penang/Malaysia
Industry : Manufacturing, Machinery, Automation, Industry 4.0


Penang is a one of S.E Asia’s most prominent manufacturing hub and is the top Malaysian GDP contributor.  Penang is fast adopting Industry 4.0 and has achieved consistent government support. Various MNCs have chosen to set up shop in Penang fostering a thriving manufacturing ecosystem.  This creates a constant need for Industrial supplies in the ever- increasing supply chain. Penang’s Industries range from high-tech manufacturing to medical to food manufacturing. The 7 major industrial parks in Penang are consistently seeking raw materials, manufacturing technologies and components etc. Penang Manufacturing Expo (PMAX) 2020 congregates Industrial suppliers to supply to Penang’s Industrial & Manufacturing needs.