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Ever since we were founded in Sweden in 1996, we have been driven by innovation. Initially, by developing desiccants based on calcium chloride as the absorbing agent. Recently, and increasingly important, we have developed a toolbox of services outlining which measures to take to prevent moisture damage. Correct use of desiccants reduces the environmental impact as a result of decreased scrapping or questionable pre- or re-work. What’s more, most of our products in AbsorRange™ are now CO2-neutral. The calculations are 3rd party validated and the unavoidable CO2 is offset via Gold Standard-certified projects. Today, Absortech is a truly global company. This means we can offer our products from seven Absortech locations or via our global network of partners and distributors. Furthermore, a solid solution requires being present at both the departure and the arrival harbors, and this makes us the ideal partner for larger corporations.



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Tel : +65 6423 9271
Email : luca.seldon@absortech.com
Address : 12 TANNERY ROAD #05-01 ǀ HB CENTRE 1 SINGAPORE 347722
Website : https://absortech.com/