Case Study: Water Utility Leak


Increasingly, organizations are finding a need to delve into data analysis workflow for a water utility, to identify when and where leaks occurred and use that information to figure out what is causing leaks in certain areas. Every water supply experiences leaks, but the cause of leaks can be numerous and difficult to identify. Contributing factors could be infrastructure or maintenance gaps. Beyond water loss, leaks could be the source of customer dissatisfaction, financial loss, and even further infrastructure issues. Due to these repercussions, understanding where leaks have occurred is not enough. To effectively mitigate future issues, it is important to also understand when leaks happened and what caused them.

Just recently, a leading writing instrument manufacturer had water utilities that were susceptible to leaks, and in some cases, bursting that caused damages to their property through flooding. Such a scenario happened during non-office hours and go undetected over weekends.

Our engineers implemented a customizable smart solution involving the Pascal Series which caters for a variety of scenarios with real time monitoring, that allows for digital communications such as local network remote alarms and diagnostics including email, or text message, valves will automatically shut off to prevent further water leakage, and modular and scalable units so that simple or complex systems can be configured for current needs and allow for future expansion. Its value lies in helping our clients increase efficiency, safety and performance while significantly reducing the probability of a catastrophic event.

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