Smart Aquaculture Solution for Sturgeon Farm



Sturgeon fish is one of the world's most endangered species, having existed since the age of the dinosaurs. They are extremely sensitive to the water in which they live. To breed them, freshwater from the mountain is required. Freshwater contains a lot of different materials. Fish farmers need keep an eye on the water quality characteristic such as pH value, D.O and so on. With Hexa IoT solution, a sturgeon fish farm at Perak, Malaysia manage to monitor freshwater temperature, pH value, D.O, salinity, E.C., turbidity and ammonia that encourage the growth of sturgeon fish.

Fresh water accounts for only 3% of all water on the planet. Fresh water can be found in glaciers, lakes, rivers, wetlands, and more. To breed sturgeon fish, a fish farmer must be located near a mountain in order to obtain freshwater from the mountain. This has resulted in a network problem for fish farmers. In this technological era, networks have become an important part of connecting information.

Aside from that, wiring is one of the difficulties that fish farmers face. To meet the needs of fish farmers, Hexa IoT Thalassa design is wireless and powered by solar and battery with GSM connectivity. This assisted them in resolving network and wiring issues. They able to place the device wherever they want. The Hexa IoT Thalassa aquaculture device's data will be centrally deposited using the Pandora Software. The acquired data will then be shown by Pandora Software to prompt the necessary tracking, monitoring, automation, and analysis of operations. The system is capable to automate action for email alert and control center alarm trigger. Therefore, fish farmers will be notified via email or SMS when the pre-set threshold value is reached, indicating that the freshwater contains a high concentration of unnecessary materials.

Pandora Software is Hexa IoT in-house developed IoT platform that collects, monitor & analyze data in real time, allowing user to make better decisions with the assistance of A.I.. It is a sensor to “Smart Up” legacy devices & process. It equips with battery, wireless, cloud and A.I. as well as able to API for multi brands & protocol integration. A fish farm can monitor water quality by logging into Pandora Software. It is an operator-friendly UI that even non-technical operators can master. By doing so, they able to gather real time data & chart, enabling better planning and prevent sturgeon fish from falling sick.

Hexa IoT formed in 2018 which in line with Malaysian government policy of adopting industrial Revolution 4.0 and pushing for companies to transform themselves with IoT solutions. With over 12 years of experience in SME and food manufacturing, our team understands the common problems and challenges faced by SMEs. We aim to deliver solutions that are best suited for SMEs. Our IoT solutions are tailored for SMEs, and we have made them extremely simple to use. They do not have complicated features, yet are precise and stable. Furthermore, these solutions are affordable and suitably priced for SMEs.