Transformation through Delta IoT-based Building Automation Solutions

Transforming Zhiyuan Building, National Chiao Tung University's (NCTU) into a Smart Building with Delta Building Automation Solutions


With many years of practical experience in consultancy and engineering services for green and smart buildings worldwide, Delta has successfully transformed the Zhiyuan Building, National Chiao Tung University's (NCTU) into a smart building, achieving lower operating costs and higher assets values to create a safe and comfortable environment.

Delta provided consultancy and engineering services to NCTU and meet the needs of energy management, automated control, system integration, security monitoring and more through Delta IOT-based Building Automation Solutions: I

Improve Operational Efficiency through Delta Building Management System

Facility managers can monitor various subsystems such as lighting, air conditioning, fire alarms, water supply and drainage, and emergency systems using Delta Controls' web-based graphic control software enteliWEB for central monitoring and the LOYTEC building control system, which supports various open communication protocols. As a result, this enhances efficiency and saves time.

Increase Energy Savings through Remote Monitoring

In terms of energy-saving design, a variable-frequency chiller, Variable Water Volume System (VWV) control, and automatic scheduling control of the exhaust fan keep the temperature and humidity comfortable while saving money on air conditioning. When compared to traditional buildings, the energy-saving efficiency of the air-conditioning system may be increased by at least 17.5 percent.

Ensure Account Management Efficiency and Personnel Safety using Delta SmartPASS Access Control Management

Delta SmartPASS Access Control Management offers dual access control by integrating RFID access control and facial recognition on the same platform, which improves management efficiency and convenience. Delta SmartPASS Parking Management integrates license plate recognition with employee/visitor information to create an automated management system. Delta Smart Street Lighting Solution includes emergency buttons that connect directly with the building control system for real-time assistance.

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