8 Mar 2023

  • Call for Speakers : Smart & Sustainable Manufacturing, 8 Jun
  • Budget 2023
  • Singapore’s first sensor network powered by LoRaWAN 
  • Industry Survey for Proposed Best-In-Class Programme on 5G Technology 
  • List of events and Singapore Pavilion 2023

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23 Nov 2022

  • Meeting with our Advisor, MOS Alvin Tan
  • Cities of Tomorrow Grant Call
  • Smart Facility Management Roundtable
  • RoboSoft 2023

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9 Nov 2022

  • Automating Processes and Boosting Productivity – interview with SIAA
  • Ecosystem of the Factory of the Future
  • AiSP SME Cybersecurity Conference/li>
  • Singapore Pavilion by SIAA

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26 Oct 2022

  • Assessing Industry 4.0 Readiness
  • SG+: Twin to win the supply chain long game with Singapore as the gateway to Southeast Asia
  • RINC 2022 by Singapore Polytechnic
  • SEACAD Innovation Day for 2023
  • Singapore Pavilion by SIAA

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12 Oct 2022

  • HDB Call for Proposal : Enhancing Construction Productivity
  • ITAP 2022 & Standards Forum
  • SEW-Eurodrive Open House
  • Singapore Pavilion by SIAA

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SIAA Spotlight : Manufacturing & Logistics 21 Sep 2022

  • Modernizing the Smart Manufacturing Industry with MQTT
  • Whitepaper : Managing RTIS in Realtime
  • Identifying danger zones clearly with PSEN rd1.2

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SIAA-Newsletter- all-about-robotics


14 Sep 2022

  • Top 5 robot trends by IFR
  • SESTO Robotics : how to automate multi-step material handling and inspection processes that require parts identification, picking and delivery, enabled by robotic technologies
  • ROS for Industrial Robots
  • The 7th ROS-Industrial Asia Pacific Workshop

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16 Aug 2022

  • Colin’s Desk Part 8 : Setting Up an Industry 4.0 Practice
  • Cybersecurity in Operational Technology (OT): what do you need to know
  • SMEICC 2022 : a 2-day bilingual conference to share insights on business issues relevant to SMEs

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20 Jul 2022 : SIAA Spotlight - Urban Farming

  • Urban Farming using IoTPortal and Sensors
  • Case Study: Smart Aquaculture Solution for Sturgeon Farm in Perak, Msia
  • OPC UA 2022 Survey
  • Membership Programme and Business Match Service by SIAA

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1 Jun 2022 : 

  • Developing Singapore Robotics Ecosystem with NRP/li>
  • Robotics Ecosystem : Intelligent Reconfigurable Soft Robotic Gripping Solutions
  • Robotics Ecosystem : Equipping robots with a sense of touch
  • List of Singapore Pavilion 2022; join us today!

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18 May 2022 : SIAA Spotlight - Technology

  • Grow With IP: In Conversation With EverComm CEO, Ted Chen
  • Case Study: Ensuring Public Health and Safety
  • Case Study: Water Utility Leak
  • Leading IoT Vendors Commit to OPC UA Adoption - OPC Foundation
  • Performance Optimization for Industrial Robots

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11 May 2022

  • EDB - Building a sustainable future for businesses:4 up-and-coming sectors
  • Colin’s Desk, Part 7 “Connectivity & Interoperability: The Ultimate Enables"
  • Robots Middleware Framework : Performance Optimization for Industrial Robots
  • SIAA 40th AGM, Business Matching on Electric Vehicle Supply Chain, Singapore Pavilion in 2022/2023/li>

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16 Mar 2022 : SIAA Spotlight - Smart Buildings

  • The advantage of Unified Building Control System
  • Cleaning up with new digital solutions
  • Case Study : IoT-based Building Automation Solutions transformed Zhiyuan Building, National Chiao Tung University
  • Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing & Research campus relies on OPC UA communication standard to interconnect its research infrastructure

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9 Feb 2022

  • Staying ahead of the pack: Strategies for supply chains in 2022
  • Colin's Desk Part 5 : The Smart Factory
  • IoT Asia+ 2022 Singapore Pavillion grant approved
  • UK Delegation on smart cities, cyber security and satellites to waste management

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19 Jan 2022

  • E50 2021 winners: Anewtech Systems and A-Plus Automation
  • IPI’s key milestones and other success stories in their 10th Anniversary commemorative book
  • IoT Asia+ 2022 Singapore Pavillion grant approved
  • Free webinar for manufacturers of special-purpose machines, robotics, assembly and handling systems

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8 Dec 2021

  • Colin's Desk Part 5: Industry 4.0 and the Global Value Chain
  • IoT Asia+ 2022 Singapore Pavillion
  • Increase your marketing outreach on AIRHUB
  • Hosted visit for Agritech Interest Group

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23 Nov 2021

  • Colin's Desk Part 4: Industry 4.0 Framework
  • Industry Transformation Asia Pacific 2021 (ITAP)
  • Clinic on Cybersecurity & Connectivity
  • Hosted visit for Agritech Interest Group

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17 Nov 2021 : SIAA SPOTLIGHT - Logistics, Warehousing

  • A Case Study: DS Smith, pilots digital 3D dimensioning to transform logistic operations
  • Make Automation Palletizing Work for You
  • The New Norm: How COVID-19 has accelerated the switch to robotic automation
  • “Speed Equals Sustenance.” That’s the future of warehousing and logistics

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10 Nov 2021

  • Dialogue with SIAA Patron & Advisor : SMS Koh Poh Koon and MOS Alvin Tan
  • CXO In Conversation with Mr Gan Kim Yong - The Role of Technology in the future of Manufacturing
  • XCITE innovation call : Problem Statements requiring innovative solution that will help to enhance productivity and efficiency in transport operations and maintenance
  • Events: Robotics Workshop, M&E of Technology, Clinic on Cybersecurity & Connectivity

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 21 Oct 2021

  • Agritech Virtual Mission to Israel & USA
  • CXO In Conversation with Mr Gan Kim Yong - The Role of Technology in the future of Manufacturing
  • Meet Korea Robotics Companies with virtually at RobotWorld 2021
  • IoT Fleet Management System
  • OEE for your operations

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 22 Sep 2021

White Paper: Staying ahead of evolving cyber threats with managed security-as-a-service; Accelerating Co-Innovation for Transformation & Export

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 07 Sep 2021

LTA and ESG seeking solutions to enhance productivity in transport operations and maintenance, Colin’s Desk Pt 3: International Rush to Industry 4.0

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 18 Aug 2021

Containerised Plant Factory in Punggol Digital District, Accelerating Industry 4.0 Transformation Journey and so much more!

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 28 Jul 2021

Using Technology for Food Safety, Industry 4.0: The History & Present, ROS-I APAC Workshop

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 22 Jul 2021 SIAA Spotlight : Technology

We take a deep dive in to Technology and its recent advancements, 5G and so much more!

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 12 Jul 2021

Projects with the Government 2021, Dutch Company looking For Local Partners, Indy Autonomous Challenge and more!

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 23 Jun 2021

Call for Solutions Manufacturing Industry, 5 Spanish Companies Finding Partners in Smart Cities Projects, PMAX Speaking Sponsorship Opp and more!

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 24 May 2021

Emerging Stronger Taskforce report, Abu Dhabi-Singapore Smart Cities Open Innovation Challenge, and much more!

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 19 May 2021 : SIAA Spotlight - Smart Manufacturing

In this special edition of our newsletter, SIAA takes a deep dive into the world of Smart Manufacturing

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 12 May 2021

Abu Dhabi-Singapore Smart Cities Open Innovation Challenge, AIRHUB Business Matching, Singapore Polytechnic SGUS Programme Talents

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