In AutomationSG, we are focused on trade and business for members. Guided by this mission, the association is constantly looking for our twin in the different geographies - organisations like us who focuses on Automation, IoT & Robotics. Through this effort, members of AutomationSG would be able to form partnerships and collaborate with our mirror organizations’ members. This bridges cross border co-operations, where companies leverage on these new partners’ infrastructure in the respective local markets especially in ASEAN. Through the established network with country trade offices and partnering associations, we have opportunities to host and arrange business meetings with visiting overseas delegation with our Corporate members. At the sametime, we work with demand associations in Singapore eg SMF, SSIA to match demand to supply; either through an event, or by sharing consolidated problem statements or demand for solutions. This effort on applying automation to the respective industries spans cross manufacturing, services and urban solutions. AutomationSG also leads Singapore companies overseas to participate in regional trade fairs under the Singapore Pavilion (funded by Enterprise Singapore) to venture into regional markets.

With the cross pollination of technologies, A.I.R has infiltrated different industries and applications. Starting with Manufacturing to Logistics, Retail and Services till Smart Estate, Construction and Agriculture. Members’ expertise in Manufacturing, Semiconductor and Oil & Gas can now be applied to other verticals and hence diversify their businesses; opening up new commercial opportunities. We work with the different stakeholders on R&D Grant Call, Call for Proposals and Collaborations for members to be aware of the sectoral wide plans and developments in the different sectors where Singapore agencies are driving the transformation of the industry.

With this leadership by AutomationSG, we aspire for AutomationSG to be able to the de-facto association for members and industry to spearhead efforts for the companies to find new partners, new business and new frontier! Building up the regional network, local ecosystem and cementing our core competency, AutomationSG will grow from strength to strength to be able to continue serving our members with ”zest’!