Seminar on Sustainability and Assurance for Green Manufacturing




: 31 May 2023 9:30am to 12noon
Venue : illuminITE, Block A, Level 2, ITE College Central, 2 Ang Mo Kio Drive, Singapore 567720

The Singapore Green Plan 2030 is a nationwide movement to advance Singapore's national sustainable development agenda by creating a green economy as a key pillar of the plan. This aims to create new jobs, transform the manufacturing sector, and leverage sustainability as a competitive advantage. Companies that provide greener products and services early on can gain a competitive advantage in the growing global demand for sustainability. The seminar's goal is to establish a green approach from product design to sustainable business management, which will help limit a manufacturer's impact on the planet, create positive change, and encourage other companies to follow suit. The seminar focuses on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) in practice, the assurances of quality and the Green Skills required.