An Essential Step towards Intelligent Factories for Improved Productivity, Quality, and Efficiency

How Does Advantech help its partners or customers to transform from traditional business to IoT solution business?

Recently, many manufacturers have begun integrating OT and IT in an effort to establish a data platform. For manufacturers, intelligent factory applications are the key to a successful digital transformation. To help manufacturers in this endeavor, Advantech has introduced the iFactory smart manufacturing suite, which comprises of WISE-PaaS managed private cloud server with a variety of integrated applications to accelerate the implementation of smart manufacturing and embrace digital transformation under the trend of Industry 4.0. Advantech’s solution enables users to improve productivity, reduce loss, and increase profits by monitoring machine availability, production status, power consumption, and energy efficiency, in addition to immediate event alarms and notifications to alert users of abnormal factory conditions and empower effective action.

Why Choose Advantech’s iFactory Solution Suite?

1. Adapting Equipment to the Industrial IoT – Adding Industrial IoT Capability to legacy equipment to generate invaluable insights will help improve equipment productivity, paving the way for Industry 4.0.

2. Command Center and Intelligent Decision Making – Dynamic dashboards and intelligent analysis enable production data tracking and faster decision making to unlock future performance gains.

3. Building up Multi-Dimensional Data Platforms – OT/IT integration and data convergence enable complete visibility of aggregated production data to allow users to maximize operation efficiency.


Advantech’s iFactory smart manufacturing suite features OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) and EAN (Event, Alarm and Notification) applications that enable preventive maintenance, real-time management and data reviews for optimizing operations. The solution suite, which includes Cloud (private or public), Edge-cloud Edge Computing and gateway for data acquisition, can be modularized depending on each customer’s requirement to speed up the process of digitalization.

1. OEE application – allows users to easily determine machine status and implement OEE formulas according to machine condition. Through multi-dimensional data visualization and KPI tracking, equipment availability and productivity is improved.

2. EHS application – enables real-time monitoring of energy consumption data to identify areas for improvement. Comparison analysis of energy consumption categories can help improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

3. EAN application – features customizable alarm settings for triggering instant alerts and notifications when a predefined event is detected. This helps prevent unexpected failures and repairs, minimizes system downtime, and eliminates process bottlenecks.

In summary, Advantech’s iFactory smart manufacturing suite eliminates the barriers to digitalization and provides low-investment, rapid implementation value added applications. This robust industrial-grade computing platform ensures data security, hardware protection, easy expansion and cross-system integration to enable a comprehensive digital transformation.

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