Identifying danger zones clearly with PSEN rd1.2


Pilz Safety Radar sensor PSEN rd1.2 was awarded the “Best Product” under Safety Category in the World of Safety & Health Asia Awards 2022

SINGAPORE, 8 September 2022 – Pilz, a global leader in safe automation technology, has introduced a new addition to its safety radar sensor portfolio. The new product, PSEN rd1.2, has been awarded the “Best Product” under the Safety Category at the World of Safety & Health Asia Awards 2022 held on 8 September 2022. The World of Safety & Health Asia Awards honours products and solutions that incorporates innovative technologies to protect workers from harm and physical injuries. Here are the key features that makes the product a winner.

New Sensor for even greater technology

In comparison with the earlier version, it now has a dual-channel structure, enabling advanced protection up to Performance Level (PL) d Cat. 3. With this, the new radar sensor can be used for applications with increased safety requirements even where there are external influences such as dust, dirt, rain, light, sparks, or vibrations. The radar technology, (FMCW: frequency modulated continuous wave), ensures high reliability for safe protection zone monitoring even in the most rugged conditions. PSEN rd1.2 provides an operating range of 5 metres, a narrow opening angle of 20° vertical or 20-100° horizontal. These opening angles are configurable in 10° increments which allows for flexible, quick, and individual applications which contributes towards higher availability. In addition, Vertical ceiling installation is also now possible as the radar sensor is mounted on three axes allowing rotation around the X- and Y-axis.

Categorical safety, including for robotics

With the new Category 3 design and operating range of up to 5 metres, the PSEN rd1.2 can also be used in robotics applications. The safety-related functions covered by this system solution include area monitoring and protection against encroachment behind the protected area. This prevents the machine from restarting automatically if there is still somebody within the danger zone. As a result, downtimes can be avoided, and the availability of the robot application can be guaranteed.

Learning by doing saves time

The self-teaching background function of the safe radar system can be used to make changes within the warning or protection zones during operation. This includes depositing a toolbox or material waste, for example. Teach-in mode ensures that this is not evaluated as a protection zone violation but as an adjustment. A new configuration is not required. Users benefit from more flexible handling of the material flow when changes are made retrospectively; this saves unnecessary extra work when setting up the application.

Complete radar solution including conformity assessment

For protection zone monitoring in rugged application conditions, Pilz offers a complete, one-stop service solution from risk assessment to system implementation and conformity assessment for the whole machine. As part of this service users also receive a radar solution that includes a conformity assessment. In conjunction with the configurable safe small controller PNOZmulti 2, the result is a safe, economical, comprehensive, and complete solution for protection zone monitoring in rugged conditions.

About Pilz

Pilz, is a global leader headquartered in Germany with 70 years of expertise in the field of safe automation technology. Pilz delivers trendsetting innovations such as the first emergency stop relay PNOZ – currently the synonym for safety relays; the first safe camera system SafetyEYE for three-dimensional zone monitoring; the first internationally certified qualification CMSE® that sets standards throughout the world for training in the field of machinery safety; the award-winning, first configurable modular safety relay in batch size 1 – myPNOZ. Pilz has established its headquarters in Singapore in 2016 and now has presence in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. PILZ has been awarded the Asian Manufacturing Awards for Best Machine Safety Systems Provider in 2016 & 2017.

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